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[21 Jul 2012|12:07pm]
[ mood | curious ]

is this thing working?


[26 Feb 2009|07:00pm]
for lent, i'm giving up deodorant. oh, wait..
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[25 Dec 2008|05:12pm]
esthetics weird typewriter naturaly naturally carefree lettuce
cynics mockery pleasant

[18 Dec 2007|12:56am]
so yesterday i got pulled over by the cops. well, it started with one and then eventually there were two sets of very bright and very conspicuous and very embarrassing lights flashing on either side of my car. apparently i didn't stop at a stop sign...i didn't even realize there was a stop sign. i guess that was the point. i was following rose somewhere and i didn't want to lose her. whatever. so for someone reason at some point, the cop called for back up. i mean..the part of town i was in wasn't the best..but i didn't think a second patrol car was necessary. he ended letting me off, though. he said it was 'too cold to stand outside and write a ticket'. i thanked him and left. and then thanked God for the cold front.
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[04 Dec 2007|02:32am]
hey. lets all just not think for ourselves and do what everyone else does. okay. cool.
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